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Graduate Students

I regularly accept counseling psychology students into our lab at the University of Houston. I'm open to all potential graduate students, I respect and value the unique perspectives that each person brings, and I'm open to exploring various topics of inquiry. However, to work with me, you should have some interest in work or vocational psychology, preferably in one of my main research areas. Please don't hesitate to email me with questions.


Undergraduate Students

We sometimes have opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in research. These are often volunteer positions but in some cases can involve payment or course credit. Possible activities include transcription, literature searches, participant recruitment, and writing. Often undergraduate students who work with me for an extended period will have opportunities to publish. Contact me to learn about available positions. 



I welcome opportunities to collaborate on projects with colleagues. I'm particularly interested in exploring interdisciplinary projects with people studying work in anthropology, sociology, political science, or other relevant fields. Please don't hesitate to contact me to set up a time to talk. 


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